CBD topicals are everyone’s favorite for several reasons.

First, they provide localized relief. If you suffer from a sore knee, painful wrist, or an achy back, a CBD cream can target the painful area and soothe it. All you will have to do is simply rub a CBD topical on your sore spot and let the non-psychoactive cannabinoid work its magic.

Second, CBD topicals work quickly to provide the relief you need. They get absorbed by the skin fast. The skin contains its own endocannabinoid system. 

Unlike CBD oils or edibles, CBD topicals are not digested in the body and absorbed by the bloodstream. So, a CBD salve, cream, balm, or lotion is not expected to cause any possible drug interaction. 

By not entering the digestive system and getting digested, it doesn’t make its way through the liver or interact with the cytochrome P450 system. So, CBD creams, salves, balms, and lotions should NOT cause a drug interaction.

CBD Topicals COULD Cause an Allergic Reaction, Though…

It is true that CBD topicals are not supposed to cause any drug interaction; however, they may cause an allergic reaction.

When a topical rubbed on the wrist suddenly causes the skin to become very hot and turn bright red, it is an allergic reaction. Such a reaction might go on its own without any treatment. However, if applied again, it may happen again and start getting worse with time and repetitive applications.

So, if you notice unwanted effects upon using a CBD cream on your skin, this is not the right cream for you.

An allergic reaction is NOT a drug interaction.

When using CBD topicals you should always check the ingredients. If you don’t notice anything on the label that you may be allergic to, you may try to apply the cream on your skin. But, you need to start with a small amount for a test-drive, before applying liberally.

Some are nor aware of any possible allergy they may have until they try a new product that triggers some kind of a reaction. So, keep your attention of testing any new cream before making it a daily routine.

Do Transdermal CBD Patches Cause a Drug Interaction?

What about transdermal CBD patches? Here is the story about patched: they are not the same as the CBD topicals. Transdermal CBD patches are designed to enter the bloodstream; so, logically, one would assume that they could cause a drug interaction. 

But, with the lack of valid scientific evidence to prove otherwise, it isn’t likely that this topical method of CBD application would cause a drug interaction.

Why not, though?

While a CBD transdermal patch will cause CBD to enter the bloodstream, it doesn’t cause CBD to be absorbed by the liver. 

This is because transdermal patches are direct to the bloodstream and do not get metabolized. This type of CBD delivery method bypasses the digestive tract and liver altogether.

Dr. Noel Palmer is one of the cannabis industry’s most well-known transdermal patch developers and an award-winning laboratory scientist specializing in plant properties.