Softgels are an easy, familiar way to get a regular serving of CBD. Tru Organics understands this, offering three different options for those who prefer to take their CBD in pill form. 

  • Tru Organics Softgel CBD Pills 

 Tru Organics Softgel CBD Pills are available in 300mg/10mg per pill ($29.99) and 900mg/30mg per pill ($39.99) options. Like their tinctures, Tru Organics softgels are made with simple ingredients including MCT oil, non-GMO sunflower lecithin and full spectrum hemp oil. 

We had the opportunity to try Tru Organics Softgel 900mg CBD pills. We’re big fans of CBD pills and appreciate a quality CBD oil in a familiar supplement form. The pills themselves are small and seemed to offer results we’re familiar with when taking a good CBD product. Tru’s CBD pills are made with gelatin, which we believe vegans and vegetarians should be aware of. 

One of the best things about Tru Organics Softgel CBD Pills is that they’re so convenient. We love recommending softgels to those new to CBD as they remove some of the mystery of taking something so unfamiliar. What’s more, is Tru’s CBD Softgels are made with full spectrum hemp extract derived from sustainable Colorado hemp farms, offering the coveted entourage effect that makes some CBD products seem that much better than others that don’t contain traces of THC. 

  • Tru Organics AM Tablets (Coming Soon)

While not available at the time of this review, Tru Organics will soon be offering 30mg CBD softgels ($44.99) designed to be taken in the morning. They’re formulated with four simple ingredients (caffeine, vitamin B12, vitamin C and CBD isolate) to offer the boost of energy you need, without the negative side effects of caffeine. 

 These sugar-free pressed tablets are designed for restful sleep and relaxation, formulated with three simple ingredients (melatonin, chamomile and CBD isolate). While their website says they are available 10mg and 30mg per pill options, we only found the 30mg ($44.99) option offered on their website. 

Tru Organics Fizzy CBD Tablets/$19.99 

Available in grape, lemon lime or raspberry, these fizzy tablets contain 10mg CBD each and are designed to be dropped into your water or favorite beverage for a sippable CBD option. Made with water soluble CBD, these fizzy tablets are designed for those who enjoy the benefits of CBD but don’t necessarily enjoy taking a tincture or pill. 

Tru Organics E-Liquid / $40  

For those who enjoy the rapid benefits of vaping CBD, Tru Organics offers a 1000mg CBD e-liquid. Like other Tru products, ingredients are kept simple and contain just four ingredients including: propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, natural flavoring, and CBD. 

Flavor options include: grape, mango, mint and strawberry lemonade.