We learned a little more about this new company based out of Denver, Colorado when we sat down for a podcast interview with Alec, the owner of Tribe CBD. 

While he was at first focused on the marijuana side of cannabis, Alec found his focus shifted when a family member’s son took CBD and had tremendous results. 

Check out the full podcast episode with Alec, owner of Tribe CBD

The name Tribe was inspired by the idea of creating a community that set a standard in the industry for offering a quality product. 

Passionate about third party testing and giving consumers what they’re expecting, Tribe is a company dedicated to doing CBD right. 

Tribe CBD’s broad-spectrum products are created from organic hemp cultivated with care in Colorado using ethanol extraction. 

The hemp farm used to source Tribe’s products is actually the largest USDA organic hemp farm in the country, which is something Alec described to us as a “game changer.” 


Because with a USDA-certified organic hemp farm, you can be certain you’re actually getting a quality product. Especially when the said organic product has the third party lab test results to prove it, something Tribe is adamant about offering.