If you’re looking for an effective method to enjoy the benefits of CBD, you should definitely consider using a CBD vape pen or CBD vaporizer.

CBD vape pens not only offer users convenience and portability, they actually deliver a higher bioavailability rate of CBD to the body, compared to other options.

By vaporizing CBD, it does not get filtered out by our body’s metabolism and enters the bloodstream directly through the lungs. This delivers more CBD, more quickly to the body.

The Search For The Best CBD Vape Pen

Now that you’ve learned the advantage of vaping CBD, you may be wondering what CBD Vape Pen or CBD Vaporizer you should use.

While there are certainly many different options to choose from, not all CBD vape pens are created equal, so it is very important to understand what to look for before purchasing a CBD product.

Important factors to consider include:

  • Quality of Build
  • Price & Value Proposition
  • Device Capabilities & Features
  • Device size and appearance
  • Product Reviews & Company Background

Based on our experience with many of the CBD vaporizers available on the market, we’ve broken down our picks for the Best CBD Vape Pen!

Review our top picks of the best CBD vape pen below and decide which is best for you!


Priced at a cool $19.99, the CBD Vape Pen from CBDFX delivers amazing value and is available in a ton of different options including Strawberry Lemonade, Blue Raspberry, Pineapple Crush and more! With free shipping on all US orders and outstanding customer support, this is one of the best overall CBD Vape Pens to try in 2019.

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Mist by The Kind Pen

The Kind Pen is one of the leading CBD manufacturers in the industry, with a collection of premium CBD vape pens! Priced at just $29.99, Mist is the the latest addition to their collection and another home run for the Kind Pen. Definitely a must try!

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Dosist CBD Vape Pen

The Dose Pen by Dosist uses superior vaporization elements designed to heat their handcrafted formulas to the precise temperature and to deliver help quickly and accurately. By optimizing temperature control, controlling airflow, and controlling the timed release, the Dose Pen can deliver a consistent dosage, every time. As one of the most high-tech CBD vaporizers, the Dosist is definitely worth trying!
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Urbul CBD Vape Pod System

Urbul is one of the newest CBD brands on the market, and they’re definitely gaining popularity with their innovative CBD Vape Pod System. With 250mg of premium CBD in each CBD vape pod, Urbul’s device delivers one of the best experiences we’ve seen from a CBD Vape Pod System! Order an individual CBD vape pod for $30, or grab their sleek starter kit for just $50.

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Quill CBD Vape Pen

The Quill is a 100% recyclable CBD Vape Pen that is available in several amazing strains with different cannabinoid ratios including Donkey Punch, Hash Herer, Pennywise and more. With a dedication to quality ingredients, Quill is a great overall CBD Vape Pen for new and experienced users alike.
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