Supa Naturals’ CBD Gummies each contain 10mg full spectrum CBD. Each bottle contains 20 gummies. Like their CBD Capsules, Supa Naturals’ CBD Gummies are vegan, making them a great for anyone who want to enjoy the convenient benefits a CBD gummy offers. 

Ingredients include: glucose, cane sugar, Water, agar agar, pectin (from fruit), citric acid, sodium citrate, natural preservatives, natural colors, natural flavors, coconut oil, carnauba wax. 

We personally love CBD gummies. Honestly, who doesn’t? We typically keep a bottle on hand all the time, as we find them great for taking on the go and love how they help us chill out when we need to most. Supa Naturals CBD Gummies were definitely delish and not too sweet and sugary like some CBD gummies tend to be.