As we mentioned, there are too few clinical studies to make a claim that CBD is truly effective for dog pain and anxiety. The studies that have been done using CBD on dogs, however, show serious promise that CBD is an effective natural way to support canine wellbeing. 

While clinical evidence may be lacking, anecdotal evidence is another story. 

There are quite a few pet parents that praise CBD for its effects on their dogs’ anxiety and pain. 

When it comes to anxiety, our male dog reigns king. Sometimes we even think he’s scared of his own shadow. All 75+ pounds of him. 

We’ve found that 20mg of CBD twice a day is his sweet spot. We’ll switch this up between a tincture and CBD dog treats, and it really seems to calm his frazzled nerves. 

We’re not the only ones who’ve found CBD dog treats for anxiety work like magic. 

Take Jane Shaus, who told CNBC that after trying everything to ease the thunderstorm anxiety of her 11-year old Australian Shepard named Skid, she found CBD. Shaus maintains that after a few weeks Skid’s panic attacks stopped. 

According to Shaus, “He just didn’t even notice the storm. I can’t say it’s completely fixed him because if we get a huge thunderclap he does get a little nervous.”

Severe anxiety during a thunderstorm to being “a little nervous” seems like a huge improvement to us.