One thing New Phase Blends is huge on is offering a high-quality product, which is why when it comes to quality control they’re dedicated to “going above and beyond.” 

According to New Phase Blends, “In a world where so many people are trying to make a quick buck by slapping their label on identical products, it’s very important to us that you have a truly unique experience.”

How exactly is New Phase Blends doing this? 

By adhering to strict standards from seed to sale. 

When we sat down with New Phase Blends in a recent CBD School podcast episode, we discussed their commitment to quality and taking more steps than usual when it comes to testing. 

We talked about how New Phase Blends deals with their own seed-to-sale process and how every aspect of production is tested along the way. 

Hemp starts out as a seed, and these seeds contain records. When grown from this seed, the farmer is responsible for a full panel test on the crop. When harvested material is turned to biomass, the extractor is responsible for testing the batch. When the product is created, it’s tested again. Finally, when New Phase Blends receives the product, it’s tested one more time. 

If this seems like a lot of testing, it’s because it is! And it’s something New Phase Blends is adamant about.

They note that everyone in the industry does things differently when it comes to testing, yet most companies are getting their CBD from the same source. They take these additional steps to ensure that consumers purchasing their products know they’re getting the quality they deserve and that New Phase Blends isn’t just one of countless companies out there still looking to take advantage of lack of regulation in the CBD industry.

Their farmers, extractors, and manufacturers are all GMP-certified, which is basically the highest standard currently in the industry.

New Phase Blends notes that they’re ready for more regulations to come and are confident their products will meet, or exceed, whatever regulations are set in place by the FDA. 

Test results for all New Phase Blend products are available and easy to find on each product page, with a Certificate of Analysis (COA) indicating cannabinoid and terpene profiles, residual solvent analysis, and residual solvents, heavy metals, microbiological, and chemical residue screening.