Kush Queen seeds are extremely popular and for good reason. The term “Kush” refers to the Indica strain of the Cannabis plant. Some examples of pure Cannabis seeds include the Hindu Kush, Afghan Kush, Purple Kush, and Green Kush. There are also certain hybrid strains of Cannabis Indica including the Golden Jamaican Kush and the Blueberry Kush. The Cannabis Indica strain has been grown in the Hindu Kush mountains of Asia for the past 1300 years.

With its growing popularity, the term “Kush” is now also being used as slang or as a synonym for the plant and herb of Cannabis.

Origin of the Kush Queen Seeds

The Kush seeds of Cannabis originate in North-Western India, Northern Pakistan, and Afghanistan. The term “Kush” and the name is derived from the Hindu Kush mountains that can be found in the region between Pakistan and Afghanistan, near the Indian borders. These seeds and the plant first came to the United States of America during the 1970s. They are still found in the States, and quite popular.

The Kush strain contains both Afghani and Pakistani genetics. It is considered one of the strongest canopy strains. It was initially popular in California and is now grown in other states as well. Royal Queen Seeds is one of the most famous breeders of the Kush strain of Cannabis Indica.

Kush Seeds by Royal Queen Seeds

With Cannabis being legalized for medical and certain other purposes, there are many different cultivators of the plant worldwide. However, not all Cannabis seed nurseries and seed banks may provide Cannabis seeds of the same variety and quality.

Many smaller seed banks do not have enough variety available for the customers and will sell bad-quality seeds that never end up sprouting.

Royal Kush Queen Seeds is considered to be one of the best and leading breeders of Kush Cannabis Seeds. The seeds from the seed bank of Royal Queen Seeds (RQS) have never posed any problems or issues for the clients and buyers.

The company was founded in the year 2007 by a handful of Dutch people and plant cultivators. The first store of the company opened in the city of Amsterdam. After the initial opening in the year 2016, the brand also created its website and opened another store in the same city. Later, the company expanded further and today also runs a shop in the city of Barcelona.

Royal Queen Seeds offers a variety of products and has more than 100 strains available for the customers. It ships the products and the Kush seeds to many different European nations.

Seeds Sold By Royal Queen Seeds

The RQS Cannabis Kush Queen seeds are known to be selected from hand-picked and healthy plants. They are also tested for their purity and other aspects.

These seeds can provide particularly high germination outputs as they are tested regularly for it. RQS also has an RQS Pro division that does research and develops the more premium grade of cannabis seeds. The organization works on genetics to ensure better quality and germination rate of the seeds. RQS also promotes organic seeds and sustainable methods of agriculture.

More than Simply Kush

Apart from the high-quality Kush Royal Queen Seeds, RQS also sells feminine seeds (including wedding crasher and white widow), regular seeds (such as garlic mist and mango crush), auto-flowering seeds (including mimosa and watermelon), premium seeds (including royal gorilla and fat banana), and CBD seeds (such as euphoria and royal medic). The company also sells its own CBD capsules and CBD oil. It has a CBD oil version that has added CBN.

Customer Service of Royal Queen Seeds

Royal Queen Seeds does have customer service as well. However, it seldom comes into play as most of the customers are happy with the service and products they buy. Royal Queen Seeds can provide good quality plants and seeds that germinate at excellent rates.

The order also arrives within the designated period – which is saying a LOT for seed banks. However, the customer care team of the company is quick to respond whenever a customer wants to chat with the team about anything.

Pricing on Seeds

Seeds from Royal Queen Seeds may be a bit pricier when compared to the competition, but for due cause. Considering the high quality and fast germination rates, nobody complains about it. One can also make a more affordable buy at the company by choosing the 25-pack or the 10-pack option.

The company accepts online payment methods including:

  • bank transfers
  • credit/debit cards
  • Bitcoin

However, you cannot make any payments to RQS by using PayPal. This is somewhat normal when shopping for Kush seeds, or any other seeds for that matter. PayPal is becoming more and more strict these days.

Easy-To-Navigate Website

The website of the company is well managed and is actually quite impressive. It is easy to navigate and you can get asses to good amounts of information on it.

Users and customers can also get loads of good advice on growing plants (including different Cannabis strains) on the website itself. Royal Queen Seeds is a world leader in growing high-quality Kush Cannabis seeds and their website delivers you nothing short of high-value information.

Specials and Discounts

If you want to buy Royal Queen seeds at a low cost, you should wait for the sale period. Regular sales are run on the website of the company where the discounts may be up to 25%.

Sometimes the company may also provide free seeds along with certain orders or an accessory as a gift. This is similar to a BOGO at other places. For instance, by placing an order of value $50, you may get a grinder and 3 free seeds. That is pretty sweet!

Companies and businesses involved in agriculture and related industries can also make a wholesale purchase at Royal Queen Seeds.

While individuals cannot purchase an excessively large pack, businesses can purchase packs of more than a hundred seeds, or more! However, you would have to provide your legal details to prove you are, in fact, a legitimate business. Royal Queen Seeds will deal with a business only when it fulfills all legal requirements.

Businesses can sign up to the email list of the company and get an additional 10%-off for the order they place.

Conclusion of Kush Royal Queen Seeds

The Kush variety and stain are also the best among the different Indica strains of Cannabis. The plants do not go beyond two meters in length and the intermodal spacing of the plants is also short.

The short stature of the Kush cannabis plant provides for a low-profile production. The Kush Royal Queen Seeds can sprout into some of the best cannabis plants you’ve ever seen, and offer great taste. It is one of the most reliable brands in the segment, if not the best.