CBD is becoming just another necessary step to people’s daily wellness routines. Its popularity can be attributed to the long list of benefits when taken orally or applied topically such as pain relief, relaxation, anti-inflammation, heart health, and so much more. Locals, Joseph Pacifico and Deanna Dominguez got on the CBD trend early and began their journey in 2018 to open their own CBD boutique featuring their own line of CBD products. 

Now, fast forward two years and Lush Boutique officially opened its doors on Jersey Avenue on September 12th, 2020 to serve the community with premium CBD products. Read on to learn how an innovative invention led Joseph and Deanna to become owners of Lush Boutique. 

The Backstory

“It all started in 2018 when Joseph came up with the invention, The Buddy Clip, which is a handheld device that provides a holder and clip for a lighter and roach,” Deanna explains. Joseph started going to trade shows on the west coast to promote The Buddy Clip invention, and he was able to connect with several industry professionals that led him to incorporate CBD into his product line.

Lush Boutique: Jersey City’s Newest CBD Shop | CBDNewsFeed

Joseph and Deanna first started selling products door to door, and eventually created an online shop, www.lushboutiquecbd.com. The couple continued to run their business mostly online for the next couple of years while looking for a spot to open a physical location. 

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Joseph and Deanna are both Jersey City locals, so when the location on Jersey Avenue became available after the pandemic, they decided to jump on the opportunity. On September 12th, 2020, they officially opened their doors to the public. 

Lush Boutique: Jersey City’s Newest CBD Shop | CBDNewsFeed
Lush Boutique: Jersey City’s Newest CBD Shop | CBDNewsFeed

The Shop + The Products

lush boutique jersey city

The former Salvation Wellness shop on Jersey Avenue was the perfect spot to open Lush Boutique. It is a small, bright, and inviting space, and the setup was perfect to display Lush’s products. Shoppers will be greeted by Deanna and Joseph’s friendly pup and coworker, Brew, as they walk in the door. Lush Boutique’s product line consists of CBD flowers, candles, topicals, tinctures, and CBD for pets. The boutique also offers delicious gummy and candy edibles online only. 

Lush’s CBD flower products, the Jiggy Stick and Jiggy Packs range from $12 to $40 depending on size. Tinctures are about $60, pet products range from $15 to $20, and edibles are $15 to $65 depending on size. The infamous Buddy Clip is $10. 

lush boutique jersey city

Lush’s own products, which include the Jiggy Stick and Pack, the Hemp Lush Bath Bombs, and its pet products are also available at wholesale and can be found at local convenience stores such as K1 Grocery. “With our distributor, we are kind of grandfathered in at this point. They do not require us to have minimums, so we’re able to serve smaller businesses and local convenience stores,” Deanna explains. 

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Along with its premium CBD products, customers will also be able to shop from a hand-selected collection of vintage tees and sweatshirts. “We just have a personal love for vintage clothes,” Deanna explains. “We buy them for ourselves and we thought it would be cool to incorporate them into our business!”

lush boutique jersey city

The Info

Locals can shop Lush Boutique at 521 Jersey Avenue in Downtown Jersey City, or online at www.lushboutiquecbd.com. Be sure to follow them on Instagram, @lushboutiqueCBD for more product information, and store updates. Store hours are Monday through Friday, 11:00AM–7:00PM, Saturdays from 8:00AM–3:00PM, and Sundays are closed.


Written by: Alexis

Alexis moved to Hoboken after she graduated college in 2015 and fell in love with the area right away. She currently lives in Jersey City with her boyfriend, Ewan, and works in New York City as a fashion buyer by day and an aspiring entrepreneur by night. In her spare time, when she is not exploring the new, trendy spots around town, you will find her working out at one of her favorite local classes, singing along to the soundtrack of Wicked, or creating macrame wall art and home decor that she sells on Etsy.