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Cannabidiol (CBD) has received widespread recognition over the past few years, thanks to the growing list of medical conditions that it can treat. But like other cannabis extracts, many prospective CBD consumers remain sceptical and ignorant of its perceived health benefits. That explains why such consumers generally express reservations at the idea of walking into a physical cannabis dispensary to purchase their favourite CBD products. 


It’s in light of these challenges that experts advise CBD ventures to conduct much of their business operations online. 


With a professionally-designed and routinely-updated website, it becomes a lot easier to appeal to your prospective clients. It’s also easier to leverage many of the digital marketing methods, such as search engine optimization (SEO). 


But before targeting any SEO marketing strategies to your prospective CBD clients, you’ll need to research and analyze your audience. Read on for more insights on how to go about that.


Wear The User’s Shoes…And Walk a Mile in Them

One of the fundamental tips for researching your prospective CBD audience is pretending that you’re a user yourself. So, armed with your laptop or mobile device, go online and search on any CBD-related question that comes to your mind. 


Essentially, these questions should be random and generic. You’ll find that many of the questions that spring to your mind relate to CBD’s health benefits, methods of consumption, side effects, dosing information, and how to choose quality CBD products like CBD pills, capsules and gummies.


Now, note these aspects down as they’ll heavily influence the kind of content that you publish on your CBD websites. 


Leverage the Power of Bloggers:

CBD Marketing: How to Research & Analyze Your Audience for a Lucrative SEO Strategy | CBDNewsFeed

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Blogging is an effective digital marketing technique that’s somewhat intertwined with SEO marketing. So, it comes as no surprise that you can leverage bloggers within your reach to analyze your audience before embarking on your CBD SEO marketing campaigns in earnest. 


Since major social media platforms and search engines prohibit the publication of cannabis-oriented advertisements, it may be difficult to find a blogger who blogs exclusively on CBD. That’s where a blogger outreach service comes in handy. 

Using such a service, you can spell out to a blogger how you intend to conduct your SEO campaigns. That way, all of the CBD-related content they publish on their blogs will be in sync with the requirements of your business.


Consider CBD Influencers:


Influencers work nearly in a similar manner as bloggers – they both capitalize on their huge fan base. If possible, find an influencer who focuses on cannabis-related advertisements, the better for you. The good news is that the internet abounds with reliable cannabis influencers, including Wiz Khalifa, Michele Ross, Seth Rogan, etc.


Remember that it’s not like you’re choosing blogging or influencer marketing as the sole digital marketing methods for your CBD business. Instead, you’re only leveraging them to kick-start your SEO marketing. 


By the time you start generating content on your CBD business, these influencers will have already published several keywords related to your venture, further increasing your online visibility.


Leverage Your Social Media Platforms:

CBD Marketing: How to Research & Analyze Your Audience for a Lucrative SEO Strategy | CBDNewsFeed

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Unless you’ve just beamed down from Mars, you already have an online presence on major social media platforms. Your social media accounts can also help to kick-start your journey towards effective SEO marketing. 


Ordinarily, you’d only use these channels for raising awareness to your brand. Don’t be too promotional on these platforms as your profile could be discontinued. Instead, you can consider publishing informative content on your accounts, while seamlessly integrating the name of your business. 


You might also share the links to your business on your social media accounts to enhance access to your CBD website.


Research on Medical Vis-à-vis Recreational CBD Use:


Contrary to popular perception, CBD isn’t only beneficial as a medicinal drug. The substance can also be used recreationally. Therefore, it’s important to understand whether your prospective audience leans towards medical or recreational CBD. 


Recreational CBD is technically CBD products that are formulated with the mind-altering tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). They are officially known as full-spectrum CBD. Such products are contrasted from CBD isolates (which contain CBD as the only cannabinoid) and broad-spectrum CBD (which contain CBD and other cannabinoids except for THC). 


While you’re at it, also take note of emerging industry trends. That will go a long way in helping you choose the right keywords when it comes to it. For instance, it’s now emerging that CBD can be paired with other herbal products, such as kratom and magic mushrooms. So, it’s only a matter of time before the CBD market is awash with products formulated with CBD and any of these friendly herbs.


Research Your Audience’s Spending Patterns:

CBD Marketing: How to Research & Analyze Your Audience for a Lucrative SEO Strategy | CBDNewsFeed

Bottles of broad-spectrum CBD oil

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Spending patterns are another notable consideration before embarking on CBD SEO campaigns. Understanding your audience’s spending patterns will determine whether you should go ahead with your SEO marketing efforts or not. 


Endeavour to familiarize yourself with how your audience orders for their CBD products and the average amount they spend on such products. Also, try to establish if there are any peak seasons, as your SEO campaigns will depend on demand dynamics. 


Naturally, you’ll want to intensify your marketing efforts during peak seasons. Generally, the demand for recreational CBD peaks during summer and other holiday seasons.


Although CBD is such a lucrative business, penetrating the market relies heavily on how you conduct your marketing. SEO remains one of the most effective digital marketing techniques for CBD ventures. However, before throwing your full weight behind SEO, it’s necessary to conduct in-depth research on your prospective CBD audience. The tips we’ve highlighted above will help to kick-start your CBD SEO marketing campaigns by shedding more light on the nature of your target audience.




CBD Marketing: How to Research & Analyze Your Audience for a Lucrative SEO Strategy | CBDNewsFeed