At CBD School we aim to provide you with more than just basic formal scientific education about CBD. We believe that you need to know more about real-life experiences linked to this component and how it is helping people, just like you with their daily health and wellness problems. Cannabis medicine is surely an anecdotal topic. Those using cannabis may have a different perspective than scientists researching about it. This is the story of how CBD helped Justin, a web and software developer, get off his anxiety medications. Justin tells:


When I was first diagnosed with an Anxiety Disorder, my psychiatrist gave me many treatment options consisting of a variety of medications, such as Zoloft, Klonopin, Vistaril, and others. I was clueless about any of these as the only thing I know about them is what I hear.

The doctor started discussing with me the possible side effects of each medication. I had all of them in front of me and that’s when I took the decision to pick the option that could cause the least harm. So, I left the office with a hefty prescription and a big bottle of pills. I was sure I made the best choice and was looking forward to what was yet to come.

As days were passing by, I was taking my daily chosen medication. That’s when I started realizing how I was changing. I mean, at first, I began noticing small things like attitude changes and routine displacements. I was groggier upon waking up and started developing a dire necessity for morning caffeine. I was lacking energy. With all the caffeine I was taking, I began getting more and more anxious. So, in a way, I was on the prescription to treat and manage my anxiety but, I ended up having behavioral changes that brought me within a vicious circle back to square one. I was becoming more edgy and anxious!

Can you imagine? I took the time to go to a doctor, research, and explore prescriptions for my anxiety, paying a lump sum for my medication, and then I went back to the beginning of my journey of why I began taking these pills to start with.

As an added bonus, I was also experiencing dozens of minor noticeable side effects, such as loss of focus, clouded thoughts, and a general more depressive feeling. Yes, they are minor but add them together and you will not feel so good!

I just wasn’t myself anymore. That’s when I decided that I needed to find another solution. I needed to find a new way to rid myself of anxiety without being submerged with all sorts of emotional and physical side effects.

It took me a one-year battle with medication to make this decision. So, I stayed off of it entirely. I had enough of feeling bad because of medications that are supposed to make me feel better. Due to this sudden cessation of the pills, I started regaining my spirit back! I felt like ‘I am giving myself a second chance to a better life.’ My thoughts were clearer and my personality was “me” again!

But with time, I started feeling the necessity to have control over my anxiety and not just be happy to not have side effects from specific medications I took. That’s when I ended my short-lived euphoric period of sobriety. I needed something more tangible and effective once and for all.

As I learned more about half-lives and how medications work, I realized something very important: the effect of most medications wears off over time. This leads people to believe that they no longer need any medication. But, this is just for a short period of time following medication cessation since the medicine will still remain in their system. 

I needed to solve my problem: I needed yet another route to treat my anxiety. That same week, while I was visiting my close friend Nolan, I found myself pouring out my issue for him. That’s when he told me about it.

At the time I had no idea about his solution and he never knew that I was suffering from anxiety issues. I am more of an introverted person, I do not share my personal life with people around me no matter how close they may be. So, he referred me to try a CBD product. He explained to me that not only would it help with my anxiety, but it can also help me have a general sense of wellbeing, such as strengthening my focus, my sleep, and others. 

His explanation compelled me to try CBD as soon as I got some. I imagined it would be a magic pill and that it would have an instantaneous effect. But, I didn’t feel any effects after taking this initial dose. At that time, I felt disappointed and ended up tossing the remaining capsules of what he gave me.

As proud as I was to have seemingly debunked CBD, I also was disappointed. My hope was that I would have found a solution to my problem.

As time went on, I began rethinking what he said to me and how his life changed with CBD. I mean, he is my close friend and why would he lie about such a thing? So, I decided to give it another try since it wouldn’t harm me in any way. I mean, why not? 

So, I tried it again.

I decided to try a higher dose of CBD this time, after doing research and understanding more about the dosage. I wanted to see if this time it would work best for me. I figured I would try it to see how it affected me. At least I had something to compare it with, my first round of medications. 


This time, it was different. Shortly after taking the capsules, I noticed an immediate rush of calmness throughout my body and mind. I felt a sudden sense of wellbeing and the most important thing was that my feeling of anxiety was suddenly nowhere to be felt. All of my small worries had simply gone away. I started realizing that I was starting to think clearer. I was more productive at work and more was being accomplished within the same time frame as before. Believe me, it felt so good!

Within thirty minutes of taking this capsule, I suddenly felt drowsy, however. It was as if I have been deprived of sleep for years! Well, it was not the right time to be sleepy but, I said to myself, one minor side effect of this medication is not so bad! I didn’t mind if the positive effects were what they were for me personally.

After this positive experience, CBD turned from something I used whenever I felt stressed to something I supplemented myself with, daily! 

I noticed that right after taking a few frequent doses, the general drowsiness effect started wearing off. I was no longer worried about things throughout my everyday routine. I became more focused on what mattered, rather than the little things that were roaming around in my thoughts filling them with worries and negative feelings.

Because CBD was all-natural, it allowed me to eliminate my symptoms without life-detrimental side effects. 

Today, I feel happier and more comfortable than ever! I can definitely tell you that CBD worked for me. I can also explain that its action is through targeting the endocannabinoid system. This helps reduce panic and anxiety, as well as regulate your heart rate and blood pressure responses to stress. CBD allows you to react better to arising stress in your life. 


Personally, my daily CBD supplement helps me become calm throughout the craziness that arises, daily! It helps me be more focused at work. It helps me fall asleep quicker. That’s my story! Do you have a similar one?”


Be sure to let us know below about your personal experience with CBD, and how it’s helped you manage your anxiety!