By now, you’ve probably heard of the anxiety reducing, inflammation inhibiting, stress-coping properties of CBD. 

And no — it’s not just hype… 

Systematic ingestion of CBD has actually been proven to prevent increased anxiety produced by chronic unpredictable stress. 

Chronic unpredictable stress…hmmm, sound familiar? 

Back in the day, we used to experience chronic unpredictable stress due to our need to find food, stay warm, and outrun large predators that happened to have very sharp teeth. 

So why are we still struggling with chronic stress from the comfort of our homes, corner offices, and sport utility vehicles? 

Today, chronic stress is a marker of our hyper productive, hyper aware, and hyper social lives. 

Lives where we are expected to always be connected, always be ‘on’, and always be on time.

More and more, our busier-than-thou schedules and the resulting anxiety that asks whether we are going to get it all done seems like a non-negotiable prerequisite for leading a successful and impactful life. 

So what’s a wellness-minded girl to do about it?

Self Care and CBD Oil


Since ignoring the world and your responsibilities is not really a viable option, why not take some time each day for a little self-care.

While self-care can seem indulgent, it may hold the key to bolstering the resilience needed to avoid burnout. 

Self-care can come in many forms: from simply taking a hot bath everyday after work, to booking a massage appointment, to treating yourself to a membership at a coveted exercise studio – we’re looking at you Soul Cyclers. 

However, implementing self-care could also be as simple as supplementing your daily routine with a consistent intake of CBD. 

CBD is one of our favorite ways to indulge in self-care when we are feeling depleted, overly stressed, and overly anxious about everything on our plates. 

The best part is, we can feel good about putting CBD into our system because it works with our bodies to promote our natural state of homeostasis. 

CBD is nature’s antidote to modern ailments like chronic stress and general anxiety. 

By encouraging the body to use more of its own cannabinoids, CBD can have positive impacts on an individual’s overall wellness. 

Unlike THC, CBD is not psychoactive (read: doesn’t get you high), and it does not change your state of mind when you ingest it. 


However, it can produce positive change within the body such as helping you fall asleep, stay asleep, or relieve chronic pain. 

CBD may also help relieve anxiety-related behaviors in people who have generalized anxiety disorder, social-anxiety disorder, and obsessive-compulsive disorder.  

Thus, the consistent use of CBD seems like an easy way to promote overall well being in the face of our modern world. 

And now, thanks to the creation of portable, packable CBD gummies, it is. 

While oil-based tinctures can prove hard to use and difficult to travel with, CBD gummies are the perfect way to get your daily dose of CBD in a delicious chewable form. 

CBD gummies have it all: CBD for one, convenience for two, and an extremely accurate dose for three. 

However, most gummies on the market are packed with so much sugar and additives that the negative effects of carbs, fillers, and sugar grossly outweigh the health benefits of the CBD. 

Thankfully, one company has created a CBD gummie that’s actually good for you. 

Enter Tribe’s all natural CBD gummies

Tribe’s all natural gummies are a daily CBD supplement you can actually feel good about. 

With fewer than ten ingredients, Tribe’s gummies taste like a sweet fruity treat, yet contain only two grams of sugar and 28 calories per serving. 

This is due to the use of agave nectar – as opposed to traditional cane sugar- to heighten the sweetness of the all-natural berry flavor. 

These delicious little gummies also contain 100% of your daily-recommended dose of Vitamin C, and 40% of your daily-recommended dose of Vitamin E: two immune-boosting antioxidants that help prevent inflammation. 

While the use of agave nectar and addition of potent antioxidants are a plus, the real star of the show in Tribe’s gummies is the use of their Broad Spectrum CBD Oil. 

Not to be confused with the far less-effective CBD isolate, (used by other CBD companies whom we shall not name), Broad Spectrum CBD Oil has got all the goods. 

Were talking the powerful cannabinoids CBN, CBG, CBDV, and CBC, that, together along with CBD (10mg per gummy), plant terpenes, and flavonoids produce what is known as the entourage effect. 

The entourage effect is a phenomenon that takes place when the many components within the cannabis plant interact with our body’s endocannabinoid system to produce a more powerful effect than any one of those components could produce alone. 

The use of Broad Spectrum CBD is an example of whole plant medicine that has been around for thousands of years. The theory behind using the entire plant, as opposed to isolated compounds, can be traced back to Ayurveda and Ancient Chinese Medicine. 

The primary reason why certain companies choose to use an isolated CBD compound, instead of a Broad Spectrum CBD Oil, is because of the current regulations, which make CBD isolate easier to sell across state lines.  

This practice, however, is of no benefit to the consumer, and therefore it should be a big red flag if you see CBD isolate in the product you’re buying. 

Thankfully, companies like Tribe are working to educate consumers about the difference between Broad Spectrum CBD Oil and CBD isolate – minimizing the risk that consumers will be sold a product containing this so-called ‘snake oil’. 

But, in the meantime, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your Tribe CBD gummies as part of your daily self-care routine. 

With Tribe’s high quality product, you can rest assured that you are getting all the good stuff found in a Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil product and none of the bad stuff – like excess cane sugar, fillers, or sub-par isolate. 

The best part is, Tribe’s CBD gummies look like candy and taste like a treat. So you can enjoy taking CBD on a daily basis, and reap all the wellness rewards all at the same time.  

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Featured Image by Andrzej Rembowski from Pixabay 

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