Pet owners, and especially dog lovers, are using CBD to treat an array of ailments suffered by their furry friends. Especially stress-related conditions and behaviors. 

Just like humans, pets suffer from stress — from separation from their owner, social situations, and stress caused by loud noises such as fireworks, and so on.

CBD oil is also often used to treat aches and pains, skin conditions, digestive disorders, and so forth. But is there evidence to back up the claims that CBD helps to relieve the symptoms of these conditions? You bet there is.

For example, researchers[2] report an estimated 20% of dogs 1-year and older, suffer from osteoarthritis. That percentage is considerably higher for senior canines.

A recent post by Forbes talks about a new study that suggests that CBD may help dogs with arthritis[3]. The results of the study strongly indicated that CBD could indeed alleviate arthritic pain.

Medterra, one of the brands reviewed in this article, recently collaborated with researchers from Baylor College of Medicine on another similar study[4]. The pilot study published in Thieme E-journals suggested the efficacy of CBD for dogs suffering from osteoarthritis pain.

In another study on CBD for dogs[5] the safety and pain-relieving powers of CBD were observed. Researchers reported no discernable side effects from CBD.

However, they did find a marked decrease in pain. An impressive 80% of the dogs displayed a better range of motion and a significant decrease in pain. The clinical study indicated that the administration of 2 mg/kg of CBD twice daily alleviates discomfort and improves mobility in dogs afflicted with OA.

A smaller-scale study published in 2019, reported that CBD can help dogs afflicted with epilepsy[6]. Dogs treated with CBD oil in adjunct with their regular seizure medication experienced significantly fewer episodes than those administered a placebo and seizure medication.

The efficacy of CBD oil for treating dogs has been less studied. Most studies have been done on humans and lab animals. However, studies on CBD for stress relief[7] such as this one published in the Brazilian publication Journal of Psychiatry suggest that CBD offers a safe and effective treatment for stress.

Studies on CBD protocols for humans have uncovered many benefits, including: