The hemp used to source Envy CBD products is grown on farms in Colorado, Oregon, and Minnesota using sustainable, organic cultivation practices. 

With Envy CBD, you’re getting a non-GMO product that is free of pesticides and grown with the highest standards. 

Once hemp has been harvested, Envy CBD employs an ethanol extraction method. 

Once the CBD has been extracted from the plant, Envy’s products are created in an ISO-6000 and GMP-certified lab. 

What exactly does this mean? 

Basically, it ensures that you’re getting the highest quality product available. 

ISO labs regulate the air purity during the manufacturing process and are used widely in pharmaceutical purposes to safeguard that a minimal amount of particles are present in the air at the time of production. 

To become ISO certified, several factors must be considered including air quality, room temperature and pressure, air intake and exhaust, filtration units, and more.

GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certification is a system that ensures products are consistently produced and controlled using quality standards. 

GMP practices are recognized by the FDA as regulations that require a quality approach to manufacturing, ultimately protecting the consumer from purchasing a dangerous or inadequate product. 

When it comes to CBD, GMP certification is about as close as you can currently get to approval from the FDA that the product you’re using is safe and manufactured in accordance with the highest quality standards. 

How does Envy CBD stand up to the countless other CBD companies in the current marketplace? Let’s take a deeper look.