Since more states and countries allow cannabis, the industry is subjected to thorough observation and critique. Consequently, it’s become clear that manufacturing cannabis puts a massive strain on the environment due to single-use plastic packaging and high demand for water and electricity.

If you care about the atmosphere, how you grow your pot or what company you choose to purchase CBD products will have a significant impact. Otherwise, smoking weed or using products with chemicals and pesticides will be bad for you and harmful for the environmental conditions as well as grow cannabis using high-intensity lights.

Thankfully, consumer choices can set a direction for the decisions made by manufacturers and sellers. But what can you do hoping to decrease the industry’s environmental footprint? Let’s figure out nine tips to develop environmentally-friendly habits and become a greener cannabis user right now.

Strict requirements on materials of packaging and design make it hard for most companies in the industry to be as “green” as they would like. At present, a minority of producers in the industry is using truly sustainable packaging for their cannabis assortment.

When people hear the term “sustainability”, they think about renewable fuel sources or reducing emissions of harmful substances to protect environments. However, the purpose of sustainability is to protect the natural environment, human and ecological health, while forcing innovations and not put in jeopardy the usual way of life. Sustainability focuses on preventing the exhaustion of natural resources and maintaining the environmental balance, meaning we shouldn’t treat our planet like trash and try to make eco-friendly decisions.

Although it is recognised as a complex problem, you don’t have to manufacture products and build a company to make a difference in the environmental impact created by industries. Each cannabis consumer can try to take part in the solution by adapting his or her cannabis lifestyle in ways that have a neutral influence on the environment. So, if you would like to make the switch to an eco-conscious, consider following the next suggestions.

Recycle Cannabis Packaging

The packaging is the number one factor that is impacting the environment from the side of a cannabis consumer. There is a vast amount of waste that comes from cannabis products: plastic jars, the plastic package of your CBD edibles or other products. All of the trash from used products should find its way into blue recycling bins if it can be recycled. Some dispensaries are using recyclable plastic doob tubes, but before tossing them out in the recycle bin, make sure the bottle has a symbol of recycling.

Keep in mind: dirty plastics can’t be recycled. If you don’t take a few minutes to clean your container or jar, your plastic will be in the trash anyway. 

As for glass bottles, the great news is that glass is infinitely recyclable. Certain cannabis stores can even accept used bottles and reuse them for manufacture. Also, there are some brands like CannaCycle in California who support reuse and accept various packaging to find a way to reprocess it.

The paper from product packaging might also be recycled or composted according to your city laws.

Don’t Use Plastic Packaging

As an alternative, you can try not to use plastic packaging at all and choose products that are made from a glass. Think about how much plastic you have brought at home after buying CBD infused products and how much time it will take for them to decompose. 

High-quality packaging from glass can be recycled or reused while your edibles can be stored in tins. Getting rid of plastic is the simplest and effective way to help the environment, whether or you are a cannabis user or not. 

Opt For Sustainability-Aimed Companies

As many cannabis consumers aren’t worried about plastic or reusable packaging, some businesses have taken it upon themselves to offer products with sustainable packaging solutions. Many companies in the health and wellness market are making the protection of our planet a priority. One easy decision that all cannabis consumers can do is to support whenever possible manufactures that use biodegradable packaging. 

It’s well-known that cannabis grown outdoors needs less electricity rather than indoor-grown cannabis. Using your purchasing power to increase demand for greenhouse or outdoor cannabis products is one possible method to support sustainability and business that are prioritizing it.

Also, consider choosing “farm to pipe” goods from companies in your area. Think about the distance and how many miles your cannabis has travelled to get to your house while exposing you to pollution and climate change during transportation. Opting for cannabis purveyors in your location might help to reduce carbon footprint and save integrity.

Choose Organic Products

pipette and tincture bottle

Go for cannabis products labelled “organic” that are cultivated using natural, organically sourced, and sustainable practices. It’s much healthier and safer for you due to clean composition and the absence of any fertilizers, pesticides, and other artificial additives. Pesticides can cause long and short term adverse effects for your health such as nausea, dizziness, and diarrhea as well as damage the brain, nervous, and reproductive systems.

Such harmful components are also dangerous for the planet and can be used by dishonest farmers to increase their yield. Pesticides are toxic components and can harm water, soil and other vegetation, non-target plants and wildlife like birds, fish, and different insects. 

However, cannabis is considered a regulated substance, but it’s separated from drug and food laws and cannot be certified organic. Since technically anyone can call their cannabis product “organic”, each customer should pay attention to chosen products and buy goods only from a trustworthy source or reliable brand. 

Finding the ideal strain of cannabis can be tricky and challenging, which is exactly why Certificates of Analyses (COA) are so necessary. COA is issued by accredited laboratories, which provide accurate information about product composition. This document shows consumers a full list of detected ingredients with a percentage amount of all components. Asking your seller to provide COA can help to make sure the item is safe and pure. If the supplier refuses to ensure testing results, refrain from buying the product.

Purchase High-Quality Vape Pens

Invest in high-quality vape pens that are more durable and safer than the cheap ones usually produced in China. Poor quality disposable vape pens tend to explode, which can lead to severe injuries. Good quality pens will last a long time and have less chances of ending up laying in a landfill. A safer and more eco-friendly alternative is to use extracts made out of CO2 or ice water.

To understand the potency of the natural remedy, there is no other way than to vape with top quality vape pens. During the decision-making process, pay attention to material and go for vape pens that are made with ceramic plates. They are durable and allow avoiding burnt flavor that cheaper plates can cause. Also, consider portability, customization, ease of use, battery life, charging, and warranty. As a consumer, it’s essential to check every factor from testing claimed materials to verifying its capabilities as you are shopping for a new vape pen.

Properly Dispose Of Vape Batteries 

vape and batteries

Vaporizers are everywhere and have become a favourite among other types of products. Some vaporizers come with cartridges that are connected to a rechargeable battery for use. Unfortunately, the oily vape cartridges are often non-recyclable while batteries in vape pens aren’t designed for prolonged use. There is no current solution to recycle vape cartridges, yet you can recycle your vape batteries.

Vape batteries usually contain lithium and mining of this component has an environmental impact by digging and land clearance, including significant expenses of energy and chemicals. 

In many cities, batteries of all kinds are considered to be a dangerous waste, so make sure to dispose of them properly. Instead of tossing out old batteries and exposing plants or animals to hazardous materials, Google your nearest location for battery drop-off. 

Also, you can find out how to unload your batteries by referring to local resources or dispensaries. They can take the batteries back themselves or have a partnership with different eco-friendly organizations.  

Change Lights

If you are growing your supply, be sure to switch your lights to energy-efficient LED lights. Compact fluorescent lights (CFL) include a gas that contains low-pressure mercury vapor, argon, and in some cases krypton. The inner surface of the bulb is covered with a mix of rare-earth phosphor salts and metal. CFL’s are poisonous and bad for the environment and also rich in many toxic chemicals such as mercury, neon, lead powder, and fluorine.

Changing lights to LED lights is a smart choice for the planet, for you, and your home. They contain no mercury and are more energy-efficient than CFL’s or incandescent lights.

Use Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

To get the best quality and best effects, maintaining smoking accessories clean is a must. However, commonly used cannabis cleaning hacks such as acetone, isopropyl alcohol, and Epsom salts include volatile organic compounds and different chemicals. These substances might be hard on drainpipes and the water supply. 

There are various products that use eco-safe ingredients, and environmentally-friendly practices to clean all equipment.

If you prefer to do it by yourself, you can find many household ingredients such as hydrogen peroxide, lemons, baking soda, and vinegar that are widely known for their effective and all-natural cleaning power. Before cleaning, make sure the chosen ingredients will be safe on a particular accessory. 

Don’t Use Earth As A Trash Can

earth in bag

Improper disposal of waste on land or water has a profound impact on the environment. Using the planet as your trash can cause various effects such as flicking roach could trigger grass fire or throwing out waste into the water can harm marine wildlife. 

Instead of just tossing a crutch from a pre-roll on the ground, find a suitable trash can to dispose of it properly. Also, if you want to refuse from the use of paper crutches, consider buying reusable glass crutches.

Final Word

Now that you know how to lessen your carbon mark when using cannabis and be an environmentally-friendly stoner, your planet will thank you. While the impact of changing your habits may seem minimal, it makes a difference when you understand that you use reusable and recyclable products without putting a footprint on the environment of the planet.

Until the cannabis industry and producers come up with a more environmentally friendly plan, it’s up to cannabis users to be more thoughtful and conscientious. Many companies have admitted the importance of developing green and more sustainable goods for today’s eco-friendly customers. Nowadays, it’s become more accessible than ever to have an environmentally conscious habit, and support green cannabis manufactures.

As the cannabis industry and sustainability go hand-in-hand, in addition to the big efforts put by various sustainable businesses, there is so much each of us can do in reducing the environmental impact.

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