If purchased a bottle of CBD oil, started a month-long routine, and then didn’t take the bottle out of your cupboard for a while, you must be wondering how long you can continue consuming it before it goes bad.

Or perhaps, you might have an old bottle sitting in an old corner that seems like it’s way past its expiration date.

Well, no matter what your situation is, CBD oil does expire like most manufactured goods. Depending on how you store your CBD oil, it should still be ok to consume between 12 to 24 months before it officially goes bad, but there are many factors that extend or hurt that timeline.

Continue reading if you want to pick up some tricks of the trade to extend the life of your CBD oil, which to be honest, should be everyone since CBD products aren’t cheap!

Factors Affecting the Longevity of Your CDB Oil

Although CBD oil is expected to be safe to consume for 12 to 24 months (we usually toss our CBD products after 18 months), there are still plenty of factors affecting the longevity of your CBD oil. By taking note of these factors, you can keep your bottle of CBD oil in excellent condition for extended use.

Quality of Hemp

The saying, “you are what you eat”, rings similar to CBD oil longevity. If you only eat high-quality food then the outcome will be a healthier lifestyle, this is true with what other ingredients are used to make the CBD oil you consume.

To start with, the hemp that is used to make your CBD should be organic, and high-quality. Since hemp quickly absorbs the substances found in its environment, hemp needs to grow in clean soil loaded with plenty of nutrients. If a brand doesn’t care to use high-quality hemp to make its products, this should be an indicator that you should look for a different brand to purchase from.

Extraction Method

The carbon dioxide (Co2) extraction method and extracting CBD via steam extraction will be your best in having a CBD oil bottle aging well. Both of these methods are clean ways to extract CBD without using any solvents which will add an additional element to the CBD oil which is something that we are looking to avoid.

The liquid-liquid method, another term for solvent extraction, increases the chance of having an additional element expiring in the CBD oil bottle.

The Co2 method can maximize the level of CBD, while also aiding in maintaining the stability of other cannabinoids present in the hemp.

If your CBD oil is manufactured using hydrocarbon solvents, there’s a good chance your oil contains toxic residue. And if these toxic substances are not purged correctly, they will also influence your CBD oil’s shelf life in a bad way.

Additional Ingredients

When brands add additional ingredients, like essential oils or vitamins, to their product, the risk of one of these ingredients going bad or rancid increases.

Think of each ingredient having its own expiration date, and the more ingredients you have in a CBD oil, or really any product on your shelf, the countdown multiplies from one, or a few ingredients, to multiple ingredients. The percentages work against the product remaining fresh and consumable as more and more ingredients are added to the oil.

CBD oil that is created using the least amount of added ingredients will have a better chance of remaining usable for a longer period of time.

If the CBD oil only uses the hemp, and a carrier oil, like MCT oil, your chances of longevity will increase as well since there aren’t any additional ingredients that could also become rancid as the bottle ages.

Packaging of the Product

Your CBD oil packaging also impacts your product’s shelf life. In case you didn’t notice, CBD oil is often stored in amber, dark, or blue bottles. These bottles are manufactured to prevent CBD from getting into contact with light. If CBD oil is exposed to light, its quality will deteriorate, thus negatively impacting the longevity of the product.

Storage of the Product

Those fancy-looking amber or dark bottles won’t help as much if you still improperly store your CBD oil bottles. If you store your CBD oil bottles in an area where light and heat are present, you can expect your CBD oil to degrade quicker. Always find a moderately cool and dark location to store your CBD products so that you are able to extend the life of your CBD longer.

food storage pantry

How to Know if Your CBD Oil Has Turned

If you can’t seem to find the CBD oil expiration date on your product, don’t worry. There are other ways to check if your CBD oil is already expired. Here they are:

Emits a Musty or Rancid Odor

A fresh bottle of CBD oil should contain a fresh, clean, earthy scent. If it emits a foul or musty odor, it’s definitely at the stage of throwing away. If you’re not sure at this point then your best bet is to find a compost or pour it directly into the trash. Wash the bottle out and recycle or use the bottle for other tinctures you make.

The CBD Oil Looks Dark

If your CBD oil has a thick consistency and a darker appearance than you remember it looking, the oil has most likely turned. If the liquid is too thick and has a muddy appearance, it’s another good indicator that your CBD oil has exceeded its expiration date.

However, a cloudy appearance doesn’t always indicate your CBD oil has expired. After all, storing your oil in the refrigerator for extended periods will result in a muddy appearance. Fortunately, taking it out of the refrigerator will get rid of its foggy appearance.

The Taste is Not Fresh

If your CBD product doesn’t contain artificial flavors, it will have a grassy or earth-like flavor. On the other hand, expired CBD oil will have an unpleasant flavor that is somewhat rancid tasting. If the CBD oil passes the eye and smell test, but the taste isn’t either the flavor the bottle says it should be, like mint or berry flavor, or doesn’t have that earthy, clean taste, your CBD oil has most likely seen better days.

Ways to Preserve Your CBD Oil

A bottle of CBD oil can be quite pricy. That’s why it’s crucial to store it properly if you want to use it up to its last few drops. Here are a few simple ways to preserve your CBD oil to prolong its longevity.

Only Purchase the Amount of CBD Oil you Need

Even though this may seem obvious, sometimes the reduced price of buying a larger bottle makes even the best of us forget to only buy what is needed, no matter the savings.

If you don’t consume large amounts of CBD oil daily, it’s best if you only purchase a small or medium-sized bottle. Make sure to only get an extra bottle once your current supply starts running low.

Keep Your CBD Oil in a Cool and Dark Storage Area

As stated above, CBD oil quickly degrades once it’s exposed to heat and light. Although the packaging is designed to keep light away from your oil, storing it in areas nearby sources of heat will still speed up the degradation of your product.

With that said, you should store your oil in a dark and cool storage area. Some ideal places for storing your CBD oil include cabinets and drawers. A pantry is another good storage area too. Furthermore, make sure to keep your oil away from your kitchen oven, windows, and other sources that emit excess heat.

If need be you can store your CBD oil in the refrigerator, but keep in mind the oil will thicken which will in turn make it more difficult to dose out in the dropper.

Keep Your CBD Oil Away from Air

Aside from light and heat, the air is another factor contributing to your CBD oil’s accelerated degradation. So, don’t forget to check if you properly closed your bottle after use to ensure that air doesn’t reach the oil.


As we all know, CBD oil and all other CBD products can be expensive. To ensure you aren’t throwing away your hard-earned money it makes sense to take a few precautions to ensure you can consume the entire bottle without having to toss any of it in the garbage.

Finding a cool and dark location is a necessity when it comes to preserving your CBD oil. If need be you can store it in the fridge, but make sure to remember that the oil will thicken and be more difficult to dose properly from the dropper.

Always check the label to see when the manufacturer recommends the product has met its expiration date, and usually CBD oil will remain ok to use for 12 to 24 months, although we at CBD School tend to toss our CBD oil after 18 months.