NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / September 22, 2020 / Pain as a topic doesn’t get enough coverage, and David Anthony Schroeder, being someone who has been through it, doesn’t want it for anyone else. This was his motivation for writing his book, 7 Ways To Manage Pain With CBD. He understands what it means to be going through pain and how pain can limit a person from enjoying life. Thus, with his self-help book, he is hoping that people going through chronic pain can find their paths to relief.

David Anthony Schroeder did not set out to be an author. It was more of an accidental thing, and right now, that’s where he finds fulfillment because he is on course to make people’s lives better. As a child who was hyperactive, David Anthony Schroeder engaged in a lot of high-risk activities and consequently got injured a lot. So he got used to pain and lived with it in different forms through his formative years. After almost five decades of living with pain, he got and used a CBD pain stick, and he started experiencing relief instantly.

That single encounter propelled him to research more about CBD, and three years later, he came out with this book. Cannabidiol (CBD) and cannabis are quite hot topics and have been talked about a lot in the health industry and pain management discourses. David Anthony Schroeder has only taken the bull by the horns by writing this book, which is the first of its kind. David Anthony Schroeder hopes to reach people in chronic and acute pains so they can apply the strategies in his book.

Beyond the current year, David Anthony Schroeder plans to write more books. In five years’ time, he hopes to publish advanced versions of his current book, which will center around themes like recipes for making CBD foods and a more in-depth exposition on CBD. He aims to reach as many people that are living with pain as possible. And with the knowledge that he has acquired, he believes he can help his audience one person and one page at a time. His mission is clear, and given that he has experienced it, his level of determination only increases by the day.

One interesting thing is that many people parade themselves as CBD experts, and they have gone on to preach it to whoever is willing to listen. However, a significant number of the audience, over the years, have failed to grasp the concept of cannabidiol or how it can help them. David’s book simplifies the entire process and makes it easier to understand. And in a world where there is little hope to hold on to, cannabidiol has shown potential to be effective. Now, people who want to explore that option should be able to do so without dealing with all the inaccurate information available on the internet. David Schroeder gets his reader up to speed and delivers the much-needed accurate information on a platter.

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