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The global CBD market is huge and only predicted to keep getting bigger. CBD sales worldwide are projected to be worth $23.6 billion USD by 2025, making it one of the fastest growing markets in history.  

While North America is expected to continue to dominate the market throughout the forecast period, there are brands in several countries around the world are dominating their own portion of the industry. 

Cibdol is one of them. 

Who is Cibdol? 

As Europe’s leading provider of CBD oil, Cibdol has been in the CBD business for a long time. Having been involved in various aspects of the cannabis industry since 2000, Cibdol sold their first CBD oil in 2012 and has since expanded to distribute their products to over 29 different countries. 

Needless to say, Cibdol is dominating the European CBD market. 

It goes without saying that to reach this level of success that Cibdol is doing things right.

When it comes to creating CBD companies such as Cibdol, quality, expertise and transparency are key. 

Built on the premise that being transparent is essential for building trust with their customers, Cibdol is dedicated to producing the highest quality, “pure golden” oils manufactured without any additives or impurities. 

The Cibdol Process

Cibdol understands that to create the highest-quality CBD possible, the newest state-of-the-art technologies must be employed in its creation. As pioneers in the industry, they’ve embraced several changes through the years and continually strive to deliver improvements to their customers’ experiences. 

Cibdol’s CBD products start as organically grown hemp, cultivated sustainably without the use of any chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or heavy metals. Harvested hemp is then shipped to Cibdol’s Swiss laboratories, where it is extracted using CO2 extraction methods to ensure for the highest quality product possible. Once oil is extracted they are sent to Cibdol’s headquarters in the Netherlands. 

Cibdol’s Core Company Values

To be the best, you’ve got to give your best. Cibdol was based on four core values that guide how they work with their customers, employees and business partners: transparency, innovation, passion and teamwork. 

  • Transparency: Transparency is a core value at Cibdol. They believe that by being completely upfront and visible in all their actions, they can build trust in their relationships with employees and customers.
  • Innovation: In a rapidly evolving market, innovation is essential. Cibdol is committed to creatively approaching new ideas to meet the changing needs of the CBD market and offer their customers consistent value. 
  • Passion: Cibdol believes that “loving what you do is the way to have great performance at work.” They credit the passion of their employees to be the driving force that helps them grow stronger and continue to meet market demands and changes. 
  • Teamwork: Teamwork really does make the dream work. With an understanding that working together helps people achieve great things, Cibdol is dedicated to working as a team. The strength of their team, Cibdol says, is all based on their combined experience and expertise.  

Cibdol’s Commitment to Quality

All of Cibdol’s CBD products are created to the highest quality standards. Created from organically grown hemp and extracted using modern, state-of-the-art CO2 extraction methods, every part of the manufacturing process goes through meticulous testing. 

Product safety and quality is adhered to every step of the way, with final products certified for safety. 

Cibdol’s food safety system is audited annually and complies with regulatory guidelines set forth by FSSC22000, and the company is proud to carry this food safety certification. 

Cibdol’s CBD oils listed on their Halal-certified page are all approved according to Islamic food laws. 

Test results for each batch of Cibdol CBD oil can be found easily on their website by scrolling to the bottom of any page and clicking on CBD Analysis

We’ve seen a lot of companies that claim to be committed to quality and adhere to third party testing, but not all of them offer these test results on their website. By providing these test results for the public to see, Cibdol isn’t just offering consumers the peace of mind they deserve when purchasing CBD products, they’re honoring their core values. 


Experiencing Swiss Quality: Cibdol CBD Oil 

Cibdol is committed to the “Swiss Approach” of transparent and fair business practices and implements the latest technology to provide the highest quality CBD possible. With years of experience creating CBD oil, they’re able to create a consistently pure oil and complete accuracy in the concentration each bottle of oil contains. 

Like most high-quality oils available, Cibdol’s CBD oil is a gorgeous golden hue, reflecting its purity. Using state-of-the-art technology during extraction and production, Cibdol removes all traces of any possible impurities. 

With an understanding that each person who uses CBD oil has individual needs, Cibdol offers their oil in three different sizes with three various concentrations in order to meet these needs. This, they maintain, ensures that both new and experienced CBD users can benefit from their products. 

Also committed to the environment, Cibdol ensures to limit their carbon footprint through each phase of the production process. Every product Cibdol offers is created from organically grown hemp cultivated sustainably without the use of pesticides, growth hormones, chemicals or other additives. 

The result? 

The high-quality, pure golden CBD oil Cibdol’s customers have come to trust. 

Cibdol offers 36 various CBD products, including CBD oils, CBD creams, CBD supplements and CBD beauty products. Each product is rigorously tested to ensure Cibdol continues to remain “the best of the best.” 

Click here to watch a video on how some of Cibdol’s products are produced in their Swiss laboratory. 

Where Can You Buy Cibdol CBD Products? 

Interested in checking out Cibdol’s high-quality CBD oils for yourself? 

We can’t say that we blame you. 

Cibdol’s products are distributed to 29 countries worldwide and easily available for purchase on their website. 

CBD oil tinctures range from 230mg-1840mg with a price point between 15.95-109.95 Euros ($18-$124USD). Tinctures are available made with olive oil or hempseed oil. Liposomal CBD oil is also available in two different strengths. Cibdol also offers a Black Cumin Seed CBD oil that combines the unique therapeutic properties of both substances to create an enhanced experience. 

Four different CBD creams are available, each with a focus on various skin conditions: psoriasis, acne, eczema and dry hands. 

Supplements include a CBD oil tincture designed for sleep containing melatonin and CBD,  a CBD nasal spray designed for the relief of colds or hay fever, a CBD-infused heating balm formulated to keep joints and muscles supple, vitamin C capsules with CBD and a multivitamin containing CBD.  

Cibdol’s line of seven different beauty products offer a range of different benefits designed to help protect, renew and moisturize the skin’s delicate natural balance using all-natural ingredients. 

Free shipping is offered on orders over 25 Euros ($28USD). 

Ready to experience the Swiss-quality difference of Cibdol CBD? We can’t say that we blame you. 

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