We’ve reviewed several different CBD products and can easily distinguish the good from the not-so-good. 

CANVIVA is 100% a high-quality CBD product you can trust. 

The color of each tincture was a gorgeous, golden amber, which is typically a tell-tale sign of a quality CBD oil. 

We started out with CANVIVA Pure CBD Oil Tincture. It tastes natural and pure, which is actually something we prefer. 

We tried the entire line of CANVIVA products and found each one had a subtle natural flavor. Depending on the essential oils a particular tincture was formulated with, we found slight hints of flavor but nothing overbearing. 

Because the Pure Mint is formulated for “essential mint taste” we expected it to taste somewhat overbearing and artificial. What we found was completely the opposite. Yes, it had a fresh mint taste but also held onto the natural flavor we found congruent with their other tinctures. 

What we didn’t personally try was the Pure Pet CBD Oil Tincture…but our dogs seemed to love it. Trust us, there have been CBD tinctures they’ve refused in the past. This, they would’ve lapped up the entire bottle if we let them. 

Each dropper-full of all of CANVIVA’s 500mg tinctures contain 16mg of CBD. 

CANVIVA Soothe CBD Oil Balm is thick, exactly like you’d expect any CBD balm to be. We found that it rubbed in smooth and definitely seemed to soothe the tension in our shoulders that never seems to go away. 

CANVIVA Relieve Roll-On Cooling Gel did the trick by relieving muscles that were sore from the yoga class we did the day prior to testing it out. We did notice it didn’t offer as much as a cooling effect as other cooling gels we’ve tried, but it did have a cooling action and definitely worked well to soothe some seriously sore muscles. The cooling effects we did experience were noticeable just a few minutes after application.