Dry, flaky, and chapped lips are probably one of the most unpleasant and uncomfortable physical ailment that affects almost all of us during the cold months. A CBD lip balm can provide the answer to lip-related soreness.  

Leaving chapped lips untreated can cause excessive inflammation, swelling, sores, and even bleeding. On top of that, there are many diseases that can also accelerate and worsen the dryness of your lips.

While there are a few select lip balms and chapsticks designed to sustain lip health, the majority of these just provide you with temporary relief and often fail to heal or manage the root-cause of your problems.

This is where CBD comes in – the ‘non-psychoactive’ and popular cannabinoid that seems to be an added ingredient in anything and everything these days!

CBD has shown to have wide therapeutic effects for benefiting the skin, such as reducing inflammation and irritation. Topical products nowadays, such as creams and body lotions often contain CBD, and owing to its merits, the popular ingredient has also made its way into lip balms to soothe dry, flaky lips.

But be aware: not all lip balms are equal, and some may even cause more harm than good. For instance, some lip balms simply create a thin layer on the lips which quickly evaporates and leaves the lips even drier than before!

So when choosing a natural lip balm containing CBD, it’s important to consider quality and safety. This is particularly essential because it is a product that can be easily ingested without you realizing it. To help you make an educated choice, we’ve compiled a list of the seven best CBD lip balms available in the market.

But before discussing our favorites, let’s first look into what a CBD lip balm exactly is, and what makes it so amazing as compared to the conventional chapstick.