Think you’re the only person in your house that can benefit from using CBD oil?

Think again!

You AND your cat can benefit from using CBD oil. Why? Well, because you both have an endocannabinoid system. CBD oil interacts with the endocannabinoid system in our bodies and our cat’s bodies, which helps regulate a lot of body functions (we’ll get to that later). 

But, there’s a lot of red tape around buying CBD oil for cats. If you’ve looked into CBD products before, you may have read that THC is toxic to cats. The good news is that the right CBD oils won’t have any THC. However, that’s why it’s so important for you to do plenty of research to see which CBD oils are safe for you to use with your cats.

I’ve grown up around cats. I know the ins and outs of cat ownership and what it’s like to care for a cat with special needs. So, trust me when I say I’ve done tons of research testing and seen the effects that using CBD oil for cats has to offer. Don’t worry; there’s still hope for your cat, no matter what you’re looking to use CBD oil for.

Let’s get you and your furbaby some help.

Bottom line up front: Overall, I would highly recommend the Holistapet CBD oil. This is the best CBD oil for cats on the market, period. I’ve trusted this CBD oil for my cats, who have struggled with anxiety, kidney disease, and aggression. 

My Top Picks

  • Best overall: Holistapet CBD Oil
  • Most affordable: Pet Hemp Company CBD Oil
  • Most reputable company: Royal CBD CBD Oil
  • Best organic CBD: Joy Organics

Is CBD Oil for Cats Safe? 

Yes, CBD oil for cats is completely safe. 

However, THC is not safe for your cat. 

But, what’s the difference between CBD and THC? 

THC is the psychoactive compound inside marijuana that gets humans’ high’. However, this isn’t the same thing as CBD. CBD doesn’t have any psychoactive properties, so you won’t get the same ‘high’ feeling from using CBD as you would with using THC. The same thing can be said for your cats. But, instead of getting high, your cat won’t get sick from CBD. 

How Does CBD Oil Work for Cats?

CBD oil works in your cat’s body by interacting with your feline’s endocannabinoid system. In your body, this system works to regulate your cat’s sleep cycles, pain levels, and moods. Choosing to use CBD oil for your cat will help relieve any discomfort they’re feeling and manage the symptoms from any health conditions they’re suffering from. 

You need to consult your cat’s vet before giving your cat CBD oil. The vet will help you decide the best dosage to give your cats. 

CBD works for cats similarly to how it works on human bodies. As CBD absorbs into your cat’s body, it binds with the cannabinoid receptors in your cat’s brain. This helps alleviate a lot of problems like inflammation, stress, pain, and anxiety. 

Why you Should Use CBD Oil for Cats

There are many, many benefits to using CBD oil on your cat. Here are some reasons why you should consider looking into using CBD oil for your cats: 

  • CBD helps to reduce the swelling and inflammation in your cat’s body. This will help to reduce their pain levels, making them feel more comfortable. 
  • CBD fights against the growth of cancer cells.
  • CBD minimizes depression and anxiety in cats by encouraging the release of serotonin in the brain. This can help your cat be less aggressive, less fearful, or react better to certain situations (like going to the vet). 
  • CBD can treat certain skin conditions, like dry skin.

Are There Any Side Effects?

If you give your cat too large of a CBD dosage, you may notice changes in your cat’s appetite. However, this isn’t very serious. You’ll just need to wait for the CBD oil dosage to wear off and give your cat less with their next dose. 

How to Administer CBD Oil for Cats

Honestly, there are many different tips and tricks people share to help you give your cats CBD oil. But, there’s only one way that I found was the easiest and most successful way to give CBD oil to my cats. 

I just give my cat some canned food or tuna. I mix the CBD oil in with the canned food, and my cat will eat it all up. Of course, my cats are chunky, so them eating a whole bowl of canned cat food wouldn’t be a problem anyway.

How to Find the Best CBD Oil for Cats


Selection criteria

You need to know how I’ve chosen the CBD oils in this guide. That way, you can feel confident in the CBD oil selections I’m recommending. I’ve personally tested all of the CBD oils in this guide on my cats throughout the years. I have one cat with kidney disease, another cat with severe anxiety (he’s a rescue and came from an abusive home), and another aggressive cat.

I’ve personally had great experiences with all of these CBD oils and noticed a difference in all of my cat’s behaviors. There are some drawbacks to each of these CBD oils, but I personally found that the benefits of these CBD oils outweighed the negatives. 

My Top Selections

Best Overall: Holistapet CBD Oil

I love this CBD oil, and it’s one that I recommend to all of my pet owners. Even if your cat doesn’t have any conditions, it’s a great CBD oil to use for when you’re going to take them to the vet (if your cat gets anxious). You can use this CBD oil on your dogs too, so it’s a great option to look into if you’ve got several pets you’re looking into using CBD oil for. 

This is a full spectrum CBD oil combined with hemp seed. So, your cat will get fast results, and you’ll be delivering them a relief that you can trust. To give your cat a dosage of this CBD oil, you only need to 


  • Easy to give to your pet
  • Great for picky pets
  • Superfast absorption 
  • Capsules


Most affordable: Pet Hemp Company CBD Oil

If you’re not looking to spend a whole bunch of money only on our cat’s CBD oil, you don’t have to! This Is a great CBD oil to look into it if you aren’t sure if your cat will respond well to this type of treatment. This is a full spectrum CBD oil used for rabbits, horses, dogs, and your cat. For the serving size, you only have to worry about getting a CBD dosage based on your cat’s weight.

Like the CBD oil above, this CBD oil is available in dropper form. So, you can either apply it directly into your cat’s mouth, or you can put it inside of their food. Plus, this formula is completely organic and doesn’t contain any dangerous fillers. 


  • Great for a variety of animals
  • Absorbs quickly
  • Dropper available
  • Full spectrum CBD
  • Vegan and GMO-free formula
  • Made in the USA 


  • Dosage isn’t one-size-fits all

Best Organic CBD: Joy Organic

This is a great CBD oil if you’re looking to entrust your cat’s health to a completely organic formula. There is 0% THC inside of this formula, and it’s broad spectrum, so you really don’t have to worry about any possible side effects for your cat. You’ll only have CBD, terpenes, and minor cannabinoids inside of this CBD oil.

This CBD oil has a natural taste, so this may be a CBD oil you have to hide inside of your cat’s food for them to taste. 


  • Completely organic formula
  • Broad spectrum CBD, so there’s no THC


  • Servings in the bottle may not last very long, depending on how heavy your cat is


Question: Is CBD Oil Safe for Cats With Kidney Disease?

Answer: Yes, giving CBD oil to your cat with kidney disease is totally safe. Many pet owners use CBD oil to help treat their cat’s kidney disease symptoms. While you may notice some minor side effects at first, those will quickly go away. However, you need to talk to your pet’s vet before giving them any CBD oil. This will ensure there isn’t any potential interaction between your cat’s medication and the CBD oil they’ll be taking. 

Question: Does CBD oil help With a Cat’s Aggression?

Answer: Yes, CBD oil does help with your cat’s aggression. But, aggression isn’t the only behavior that can be treated with CBD oil. If your cat is hyperactive, timid, anxious, any sort of behavioral problems can be treated with the use of CBD oil. Again, always talk to your vet before starting, to ensure that CBD oil is the best treatment for you and your cat. 

Question: How Much CBD Oil to Give Cats With Cancer? 

Answer: How much CBD oil you give your cat will depend on how much they weigh. As a general rule of thumb, I would recommend that you only give your cat up to 6 mg of CBD oil for every 10 pounds they weigh. So, if your cat weighs 20 pounds (like my chunky girl), I would give her 12 mg of CBD oil. This is only a starting point, though. If your cat has a chronic condition, you can always increase the CBD dosage. 


So, overall, I think the Holistapet CBD oil is the absolute best option for your buck. Not only is this CBD oil safe to use on cats, but you can also use it on dogs and any other of your furry friends. So, if you’ve got other animals that would benefit from CBD oil, look into this solution. 

Are you interested in learning more about how to choose the highest quality CBD oil on the market? Check out our blog to learn more!