On the heels of guiding Lineal Heavyweight Champion Tyson’s Fury’s return to the sport in 2018, Davison – coach for boxing luminaries Josh Taylor and Billy Joe Saunders – is poised to open a state-of-the-art training facility in Essex, England.

Set just twenty-five minutes from London, the facility will house professional athletes from the sport of boxing and beyond. Boasting three boxing rings, a human performance center, full athlete testing facilities, full-time nutritionists and physiotherapists, the compound will provide sport’s finest with bleeding-edge amenities. “It’s about leveling up” Davison admits. “We need to be able to move with the times – give our athletes cutting edge performance metrics and tools. This facility will provide all of that.”

In keeping with the spirit of sport as entertainment, the compound will be a hotbed for media pre-fight. Davison – long having recognized the power of a good interview – has cultivated a following among boxing fans with his personality and wit. By virtue of the media access afforded his athletes, the new facility will provide opportunity for larger-than-life personalities to not only shine a light on their upcoming bouts – but the sport as a whole.

Famed media outlets Sky Sports, BT Sport and a cohort of both National and International broadcasters will descend on the facility in advance of big ticket fight cards; many of the top tier media outlets have confirmed visits in order to showcase Davison and his fighters. UK based Josh Taylor (16, 0, 0) – the super lightweight standout preparing for his September 26th bout with Apinan Khongsong – has featured the training grounds across his social media platforms as his camp is chronicled.

Brains Pure CBD is pleased to partner with Davison on this venture. Proudly featured within the compound, with bold branding adorning the rings and walls – and product for sale in the pro shop – it’s clear Davison is an advocate for the cannabidiol’s role in optimizing his charges.

”It’s really all about recovery,” said Davison. “A big part of an athlete’s preparation is the ability to maximize training opportunities. Leading up to a fight four, five, six hard sessions can be reduced to two, or three, due to exhaustion, strain, inflammation – any number of circumstances. If we look at those on a week-to-week basis, it may only be a diminishing of one to two workouts – 1% to 2% of a fight camp. Over time, those 1% to 2% deductions in efficiency can really add up. Brains Pure CBD can assist in the reduction of that inflammation, that soreness, that fatigue – it helps us train more often.”

Brains Plant based pure CBD, an approved Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) has successfully been tested by a WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) approved laboratory and proven it contains no prohibitory substances, which made it a natural trusted choice for high performance athletes. Brains Bioceutical Corp. President Rick Brar champions the union.

“As an ex-athlete, this partnership is near and dear to my heart. I remember growing up and walking into a supplement store and not knowing what was safe to take. When you have individuals competing at the highest levels of sport, that lack of knowledge – that fear – can have devastating consequences. At Brains, we want to eliminate as many questions as possible and build the confidence in what you take for high performance athletes.”


One of the only companies in the world to obtain multiple highest standard pharmaceutical compliancy licenses–including the EU-GMP and API designation from the Government of the United Kingdom, Brar knows what it takes to have his company’s product adorn the walls of Davison’s new multi-million dollar facility. “We felt tremendous pressure to get it right. It’s not about the expenses incurred for third party validation – it’s about providing the world’s best and safest CBD product. I’m proud to say that we’re here because of word-of-mouth; we’re here because – when it comes to sport performance and recovery – Brains is best.”

Adam Harris, Managing Director for Athlete Development and Management, has seen first-hand the benefits of such synergy. Brought on as an advisor for Brains Bioceutical Corporation, Harris was introduced to Davison after witnessing his associate – Heavyweight Champion Tyson Fury – utilize the ambitious coach for his return to the ring. “Ben has established himself as one of the brightest minds in the sport of boxing. Hearing his vision for the facility – and his plans for the future – I knew we could lend our services to helping his fighters on the world stage. His enthusiasm is infectious, and we’re pleased to work hand-in-hand with him as he coaches the next generation of world champions.”

As one of the sport’s pre-eminent coaches, Davison is aware of the importance of his own mental clarity as well. “I was having trouble sleeping. Admittedly, it was affecting my mental clarity; if I’m going to demand 100% of my athletes, they deserve 100% of me. I’d been tempted to turn to alternatives that wouldn’t be ideal for my health, long-term. Rather than cracking a beer at night to help sleep, someone put me on to Brains Pure CBD. Within a week, I was sleeping better – getting a full night’s rest. I can tell you, those small victories – that extra 1, 2% per day, really translates over time.”

Poised to unveil his state-of-the-art sports compound, that extra effort is certainly paying off.