Using a CBD cream for back pain is the most popular (and effective) way to manage back pain with CBD by far. 

What exactly is CBD cream for back pain, though?

CBD cream for back pain is a topical solution made specifically with pain in mind. Typically blended with another proprietary, pain-fighting ingredients, CBD cream goes to work directly on the area it’s applied to provide quick and long-lasting relief. 

Research shows serious promise for CBD as a treatment for acute and lower back pain, and there are several CBD brands that make CBD cream packed with pain-relieving properties. 

Determining the best CBD cream for back pain can be both time consuming and confusing. There are a ton of CBD cream products on the market. 

How do you choose the best one? 

You let us do it for you. 

At CBD School, part of our mission is to provide real information to our readers. We’re passionate about educating the masses about CBD and offering insight on the best CBD products you can find. 

From CBD creams and other topical solutions to CBD oil, gummies, capsules, and more, we’ve tested and reviewed dozens of different CBD products and brands.

We’re no strangers to back pain, either. In a previous life, we snowboarded every day for a solid decade. Add another almost decade of working in front of a computer and needless to say, chronic back pain has become persistent.   

The following are our top picks for the best CBD cream for back pain you can find.