Dr. Dale Hunt is a plant scientist, a Cannabis lawyer and registered U.S. patent attorney with over 20 years of experience protecting plant varieties in the United States and throughout the world. Dale is the founder of Plant & Planet Law Firm www.PlantAndPlanet.com, an Intellectual Property Law practice, where he provides guidance and expertise on patents and IP matters, and aids clients in establishing IP protection for their legal marijuana cultivars, products and businesses. Before he began working in the legal Cannabis industry, Dale worked with other clients in Agriculture, Water Purification, Alternative Energies, Biotechnology, and Medicine, and he helped many of his clients commercialize their IP, products and plant varieties internationally. Through Plant & Planet Law Firm he and his team continue to service these clients in addition to their Cannabis clients. Dale has degrees in botany (BS), plant genetics (MS) molecular & cellular biology (PhD), and law (JD).

Dale has spoken on Cannabis-related topics at several gatherings including the Marijuana Business Convention, the Emerald Cup, the National Meeting of the Association of University Technology Managers, the Meadowlands Leadership Summit, and the San Diego chapters of the MIT Enterprise Forum, and Licensing Executives Society.  He has also been interviewed for and quoted in numerous news articles and by national media outlets on the topic of marijuana and patenting. Dale maintains a blog for plant breeders and others interested in the plant law at www.PlantLaw.com, and also provides weekly updates of essentially all Cannabis-related patents and published patent applications from the US, Canada, and the International Patent Cooperation Treaty, from the 1940s to the most recent publications, at www.MJPatentsWeekly.com.