CBG – The Mother of all Cannabinoids


Let’s move on to CBG then. So that’s cannabigerol, right?


Zach  26:07

Yes. And I’m right there with you. That one’s tougher to say. But the cool thing about CBG is it’s really the mother of all cannabinoids, including CBD. All the other cannabinoids start off as CBG. And as the various processes happen, there are different triggers that send in different directions, it becomes a different cannabinoid. So there’s a transition that moves it where I believe that loses a hydrogen atom, I could have that wrong maybe or something along those lines, and it becomes THCA. And then when you decarb that with heat or just time, it develops into CBN, but it can also go the other way and become CBD. It’s just a very versatile and very powerful minor cannabinoid. 


Vadim  26:53

Yes. And what CBG is good for?


Zach  26:55

CBG is good for a number of things. So the ones that are highlighting studies right now and I think we’re gonna see a lot more information pour out about this over the next few months are the potential anticancer effects, the anti inflammation effects and a lot of the overall antibacterial effects. Each cannabinoid really has different benefits of its own but CBG covers a wider amount of things. The same way it develops in other cannabinoids, it takes care of a lot of these bigger processes of your body, including immune health, which is ginormous right now. But I think the ones that are being focused on the most are the potential with anticancer and some of the antibacterial effects. 


Vadim  27:39

I think you’re right in that. That one’s gonna get a lot of attention. And interesting, people don’t know that all the cannabinoids actually start with that one in its acid form. 


Zach  27:48

Yes, exactly. So you do have to remove that acid molecule for it to start to develop into the other ones. But that is the beginning point for all cannabinoids. And this one is another one that is kind of like CBN. People ignored it. Because CBN being the end product and CBG being the beginning, the focus is on all the stuff in the middle — the THC, CBD, that type of thing. But once people started paying attention and seeing that, “Oh, there’s a lot of benefits here.” And isolating CBG is easier than isolating CBN. So it was just a matter of starting to put a little bit of focus on there. And people started over the last year, honestly, starting to grow strains that are developed more for CBG. That wasn’t something that was happening previously. But now that we’re aware of the potential medical benefits, people are purposely growing hemp that’s high in CBG — something that’s where we’re trying to isolate it before we let it become other cannabinoids. 


Vadim  28:43

Do you know if it all comes from — do you take one hemp strain and take out? Like do you use the same plant to get the CBD, CBN and CBG? Or is it different strains that are high in the different cannabinoids? 


Zach  28:56

It depends. So you can extract some of these minor cannabinoids from any hemp strain. So if you were to take one plant, you wanted CBD, and you wanted CBG, you could do that. This is something, again, a little bit out of my expertise because I’m not the one of the processing center. But it is generally better because the amount you’ll get isn’t going to be very high. So if you had a plant that was grown for CBD, and you wanted to pull out CBN, you’re going to pull out small amounts of CBN. But if the focus is on growing it, developing genetics that are high and CBG, or that will become high CBN plants, utilizing plants that are growing specifically with genetics that are specifically designed to help behind these cannabinoid profiles is better than just trying to get them all from one plant. 


Full-Spectrum Products


Vadim  29:43

Right, right. Okay. So what about your full-spectrum tinctures, are they high in these minor cannabinoids?


Zach  29:51

So they’re not high, but they do have them in them. So each of our products comes with a full lab report so they do vary. That’s the beauty of organic hemp. Not every batch will be the same. But for the most part, they are pretty standard. So you’ll have trace amounts of CBN and trace amounts of CBG. And again, these profiles shifted depending on the batch. But there is some of that in there which adds to that — the entourage effect there which all these cannabinoids are kind of working together. So it’s not as prominent as say the isolate. I mean, obviously, same with CBD, but they are in there, which is pretty cool. 


Vadim  30:31

And what kinds of tinctures do you offer? Do you have isolate and full-spectrum right now? 


Zach  30:36

Yes. So we have the isolate MCT oil mix, which is the THC free and that has hemp extract in that as well, just broad-spectrum instead of full-spectrum. And now we have our full-spectrum extracts which are the natural and citrus flavor. 


Vadim  30:52

Okay. So the flavored ones are the full-spectrum ones, right? 


Zach  30:36

Yes. So the THC free one is technically flavorless. There’s a little bit of taste from the hemp extract and the MCT oil but not very much. The full-spectrum natural extract doesn’t have any added flavor but it is naturally very planty. It has that heavy taste to it. And then our full-spectrum citrus tinctures has the added citrus flavor to it. 


Vadim   31:19

And what’s the base that you use for those oils? You said MCT?


Zach  31:23

So MCT on a THC free. On the other two, it’s mainly just the full-spectrum hemp extract. And then yes, but MCT is our base oil. 


Vadim   31:34

Okay. Okay. So those are going to have a hempy taste to them, I’m assuming, right? 


Zach  31:39

Yes, you will definitely get a bit more of that heavy profile to it. Now I do realize that that’s not for everybody. But we have heard a lot of good reviews so far. People saying it’s not overpowering, and it doesn’t taste. So I feel like some tinctures are quite bitter. And while this one still has that natural, heavy taste, it isn’t too bitter. 


Vadim   31:57

Gotcha. Yeah. So what about someone new who’s brand new to Bloom Hemp, what product would you recommend they start with if they’re visiting the website for the first time and they don’t know where to start?


Zach  32:08

If they don’t know where to start, basically it depends on whether or not they’ve used CBD before. If you’ve never used CBD before, I would point you in the direction of one of our THC free products, either the tincture or the lotion. I think that topicals are great for people that are new to CBD because you can see the effects right away. Especially if you are in pain or have an ache or something like that. Or if you’re an athlete, you can put it to the test and very clearly see the effects. If you’re not new to CBD, and you have a better understanding of the products, I would definitely look at our full-spectrum natural tincture. I think that’s one of the places to start. You get the entourage effect. Having all the minor cannabinoids in there just means a whole plant extract. So you have everything instead of just the broad-spectrum oil, which is great, especially for people that can’t have whole plant extracts with the trace amounts of THC. But this full-spectrum tincture is definitely the way to go. I can’t recommend it enough. That’s the one. I actually enjoy putting that in coffee in the morning. It adds a little bit of a heavy flavor but it definitely is a great way to start the day. 


Vadim   33:13

Cool. I think that that’s a good way to put it for people. The CBD amount in the full and the isolate, are they the same per dose per serving? 


Zach  33:23

Yes. So we have two different servings for each one. A 20-milligram and a 40-milligram so you can choose your strength, but they’re the exact same, whether it’s THC free or the full-spectrum. 


Vadim  33:34

Okay. So the serving is the same and how much is it per serving or per dropper, I guess? 


Zach  33:39

So, 20 milligrams for a smaller dose and 40 milligrams in the higher dose. 


Vadim  33:34

Okay. That seems pretty typical. One thing a lot of people get confused about by always explaining this is they’ll see like on the bottle, 1500 milligrams, but they don’t know that that’s the total amount in the bottle not per serving. So I’m always adding that to people. 


Zach  34:00

Exactly. So we just change that up in our packaging to help it be a little bit more obvious. So we used to have the full amount for the tincture, and now we’re showing that it’s either that 20-milligram dose or that 40-milligram dose. 


What’s Next for Bloom Hemp?


Vadim  34:14

Yeah, that’s good. So what’s next for you? What kind of plans? Are you sold in stores or just online for now?


Zach  34:21

We are working on getting ourselves into stores, especially on the hemp foods front. Right now, we’ve only been able to partner with small businesses. We’re working on some larger chain grocery stores as well. But just getting our feet wet, we’ve been selling to other small businesses and places around the US. We are looking to expand those so if somebody is listening that’s looking to potentially expand the CBD products they’re selling, they’re more than welcome to get in contact with us. We have a variety of things that they appeal to a wide variety of people. 


And one of the things that we’re working on to continue to build on that and appeal to an even wider variety of people is our Bloom Essentials line. And that is something that is still in the research development phase but we are getting very close. We have our prototypes in testing right now. And these are tinctures, they’re CBD blends with other active ingredients and a focus on terpenes. So they got some proprietary terpene blends that we’ve been developing that we’re really excited about. I think that’s really the next step is bringing everything together. So in the whole plant extract, with full-spectrum products, you get a little bit of those terpenes but not as much as when you’re adding them on purpose. So with these, the next group of products will have terpenes added as well as some of these other active ingredients in cannabinoids. 


Vadim  35:47

What kind of products will they be? I didn’t catch that. 


Zach  35:50

So we’ll be rolling out new tinctures and a couple of roll ons that are like essential oil roll ons.


Vadim  35:56

Oh, okay.


Zach  35:56

Yes. And these will have more of a focus on things, like, so the tinctures that have been released so far, general kind of everyday use. These that will be released will have kind of more of a focus on like antiinflammatory effects. So we’ll be using terpenes and other cannabinoids that help reduce inflammation and other active ingredients and other plants. We’re working with a doctor down in New Mexico to formulate these so that everything is backed. This isn’t just us doing research and working with somebody in a lab to get these together, we actually have a doctor whose input is vital at each stage and each ingredient, helping us put this together so that each blend is formulated to help with something specific whether it’s inflammation or stress or digestion. Because that’s kind of the benefits of these cannabinoids, and if we can help kind of dial that in to do something specific, it’s something we’d love to get out to people. 


Vadim  36:52

So these will be like targeted blends. 


Zach  36:54

Yes, exactly. 


Vadim  36:55

That’s cool. I like that. I’ve seen other brands going that direction and I think that is a good way to go. Especially mixing it with other established, you know, products that people are using like either essential oils are terpenes. And that’s one thing we haven’t talked about is how in your process are you — when you’re doing the extraction — able to preserve the terpenes in the final product?


Zach  37:18

We aren’t. So those are not our broad-spectrum oil. That’s something where a lot of that is filtered out. You might get trace amounts occasionally but not really. In our full-spectrum blends, we are able to partially preserve those. Again you’re not getting — that’s part of the reason we’re working on these essential blends is to put a focus on the terpenes along with the cannabinoids, but in our full-spectrum blends right now, we are able to keep some of them. It’s just not the same level of concentration that we’d like to, though. 


Vadim  37:47

Gotcha. Okay. Well, what other plans do you have for the future? Are you doing any hemp like hemp seed oils, just the oil itself that people use for cooking? I usually put it on salad, actually. 


Zach  38:00

So hemp seed oil is great on salad. I’ve done that as well quite a few times. But we are actually working on a few different food things. I don’t want to say too much here just because the food formulation takes quite a while longer than some of the other formulations, especially compared to tinctures. So I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself here. But we do have a handful of edible hemp food products — obviously the foods are edible, but edible hemp products that we’re working on rolling out that I think will be really beneficial. 


Vadim  38:31

That’s great. I love how you guys are doing the CBD and the food products and that’s in line with your mission and you’re doing everything from your own crop, right? 


Zach  38:40

The hemp seeds, not entirely from our own crop. Just because to get those in the quantity, we’ve been having to source those elsewhere. But we are working on getting to that point where we can do everything sourced ourselves and yet the hemp foods that is part of why it’s so important to us not just because it’s our mission, but because if you believe in these plants and you believe in CBD, you understand the benefits of hemp, and I think that CBD is absolutely amazing but it doesn’t stop there. And we really shouldn’t stop there. There’s so many potential benefits from hemp these other cannabinoids, these other terpenes, the hemp seeds themselves, there’s benefits at every level that if we can combine these, and we can get them in the hands of people where you can use everything as a whole instead of just bits here and there, I think that’s extremely beneficial. I think that people will see and be able to experience the benefit to themselves. 


I can say it a lot and it starts to sound like I’m just saying there’s a lot of benefits to hemp. But if you start doing a little bit of googling, it is amazing. Three hours later, what you’ve won, what you’ve learned and how you see 100 other tabs and you’re like where do I stop? Because there really is just an endless amount of information constantly coming out about this stuff. And in our eyes, we have to help people understand this and see this for themselves by putting things together and making it available. Because that’s just it. A lot of it hasn’t been available. So now to be able to make things like CBN available, make hemp butters available, that type of thing, I think that’s extremely important. And I am excited to see how people respond to it. 


Vadim  40:15

That’s great. That’s great. And what about pet products? We haven’t talked about that. Are you guys doing something with pet products? 


Zach  40:21

Pet products? We don’t have any plans immediately, but we’ve had quite a few people reach out. So it’s something that we’ve definitely discussed, but yes, nothing in the immediate on that one. 


Vadim  40:31

Gotcha. I mean, pet products, it’s like they’re basically the same thing anyway as the human ones. It’s like the biggest misconception about CBD is that — I was listening to Joe Rogan the other day, and he was like, “I accidentally took my dog’s CBD.” And I wanted to tell them no big deal because it’s the same thing. 


Zach  40:51

Exactly. It’s literally just usually a much lower dose than what we’re giving to humans. And then combined with usually kind of like Joe Rogan was mentioning a funky flavor. I think he said he had butterscotch or something. Which is not something you typically try to feed people. But it’s definitely something where we never say no to but it’s exactly what you’re saying. Since it is essentially the same thing, if you really wanted to, our THC free tinctures are something that you could give to your dog or your cat in a low dose. Not using a full dropper, but a small amount if you wanted to see how it might affect them and go from there.